Debit Cards


We proudly offer a MasterCard MasterMoney Debit/ATM card. This card can be used instead of writing checks or carrying cash. The MasterCard MasterMoney Debit/ATM card works like a check because it is deducted from your checking account, but has the convenience of a credit card. MasterCard is widely accepted, so whether you are shopping Online, pumping gas, or just needing some quick cash, this card lets you do all this and more. The MasterCard MasterMoney Debit/ATM card is available with most of our checking accounts, with no annual fee. To obtain a MasterCard MasterMoney Debit/ATM card you will need to come in to one of our offices and see an Account Representative for an application. The application will be reviewed for approval based on your account relationship and history.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

In the event your debit card is lost or stolen, please call our office at (931) 484-6178 during regular business hours, or for after business hour assistance call 1-833-933-1681.