In House

Highland Federal offers a variety of in-house mortgage loans. Our loan products often allow us to customize loan arrangements for borrowers, and offer flexibility for a multitude of loan situations such as credit issues, unique properties, job relocations, etc. Loan decisions are made locally, not by an automated system or an underwriter in a distant location.

Another added benefit is that all payments are made directly to us and loans are not sold to an investor.

Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans are available with our in-house program. We lend on a diversity of property types- single family dwellings, multi-family units, vacant land, manufactured homes, commercial real estate, owner occupied and non-owner occupied property. If it’s anything related to real estate, we’ll look at it.

Secondary Market

We offer loans that are sold into the secondary mortgage market which allows us to offer a full menu of products that can handle all of your home financing needs.

Programs are available for a wide range of borrowers:

  • First-time homebuyer, with limited cash available for a down payment
  • Homeowners in need of cash for debt consolidation, college education, or remodeling
  • If making your payment locally and dealing with familiar faces is important to you, we offer secondary market loans that are serviced by the staff here at Highland Federal
  • Wide array of terms available
  • Interest rate fixed for the life of the loan
  • Available for primary residences and second homes
  • Loans up to 97% of the purchase price

Government Market

Through a partnership with an outstanding government loan provider, Highland Federal is pleased to offer VA, FHA, and RD loans to qualified borrowers.